About KillCarb

by John Evergreen

Posted on October 27, 2020 at 12:00 PM

My name is John and I started KillCarb because I needed a place to share my thoughts about air polution with the world. I feel like we're at the stage with air polution that we were with climate change in the 1990s.

We knew it existed and that it was harmful to us but we didn't understand how harmful yet.

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USA Worst Air Polution Counter
Utah (51.2 AQI)
Georgia (48.2 AQI)
Ohio (48.2 AQI)
West Virginia (47.6 AQI)
Indiana (47.5 AQI)
Tennessee (47.5 AQI)
Colorado (47.1 AQI)
Maryland (47 AQI)
Washington DC (46.8 AQI)
Alabama (46.6 AQI)
* The Air Quality Index (AQI) is an index calculated for four major air pollutants regulated by the Clean Air Act