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The Fraud of Hien T. Tran (Hien Thanh Tran)

Hien Tran the unqualified lier behind the CARB rule

This page contains a compilation of links (in no particular order) to articles and information about the Hien T. Tran Fraud.  Hien T. Tran was the lead scientist who wrote the report upon which the heavy duty truck and bus regulations are based. He bought a mail order Ph.D. from Thornhill "University" located at 255 Madison, New York.  Using his fake Ph.D., the unqualified liar applied for and got the position as Manager of the Health and Ecosystem Assessment Section. Some of the board members, the chair of the California Air Resources Board, Mary Nichols knew of the fraud before voting on the controversial regulation. The board members who knew, kept the information from other board members for nearly a year after the vote.  The Governor also had the information and failed to take action.

How much Tran is paid to lie.   $87,492.52 in 2011.

Ad Hoc Group Demands CARB Replacement of Tran Report

Republican Candidate for Attorney General Steve Cooley Vows CARB Invistigation if Elected

John and Ken on KFI, Los Angeles Interview with Dr. James Enstrom

December 3 podcast of the Ray Appleton KMJ 580 Radio program in Fresno on TranGate. 
For most of his two hour program (edited to 35 minutes), Ray discusses CARB diesel regulations and makes extensive mention of Telles, Roberts, TranGate and the journalism of Lois Henry and Chris Reed.  Lois Henry is interviewed during the last half hour and her nine minute portion is heard here.

Tran's Diploma

Thornhill University