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Tea Party at the State Capitol
August 28, 2009

They were angry and they to Sacramento to let their representatives know--representatives that were largely absent.  They fled the area so as not to have to face the very people that they represent. None the less, the people came to express their outrage at government policies that threaten the economy of the state.  Issues like water being shut off to the central valley farmers, the outrageous new diesel regulations, universal health care and more.  At around noon, hundreds of of trucks started circling the the capital mall with signs expressing their outrage at the coming proposed regulations.

Below are a few photos of the event.  Click on any of the images to see a larger view.

"Astroturf" According to
their representatives.
...Until we do away with
Effective use of a car.
Farmers came by tractor.
What else needs to be
said? CARB hurts us all.
Fish before people is why
farmers have no water.
They don't look
like "Astroturf".
They don't either. They
just want to be heard.
On and off road diesel engines combined are the least source.It wont be long before
there is a tax to breathe.
Close up of a
truck sign.
Hundreds of truckers
arrived with signs....
...escorted by police......the people cheered!A big thumbs up!
Mark Meckler, coordinator
of the Sacramento Tea Party
My favorite truck!Betty Plowman with
Armstrong and Getty
Betty Plowman with
Dr. Bill Wattenburg
Dr. Bill Wattenburg
"Each and everyone of
you must stand up
and say NO!"
"It's simple, CARB is
costing everyone
thousands of dollars."
Photo by Katherine G.Photo by Katherine G.Photo by Katherine G.
Photo by Katherine G.Photo by Katherine G.Photo by Katherine G.Photo by Katherine G.