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Is CARB Covering up Massive Fraud in the Smog Check II Program?

In 2006 CARB and BAR commissioned an evaluation of random road side pullover data where CHP pulled cars over. The vehicles were then tested on dynamometers. 49% of those that were tested and failed had failed their regular smog check and then passed.
The conclusion was that these vehicles should not have passed their last smog check. The conclusion of the report was that there was massive fraud.
Freedom of information requests were submitted for the report however CARB and BAR responded that this was just a preliminary draft report and as such did not require public release.
You can read the documentation yourself at under Correspondence.
The California Inspection and Maintenance Review Committee at the above site has written a letter to legislators requesting the document.
There is apparently a lot of fraud in the smog check program however we cannot verify the details without this report because CARB and BAR refuse to release the report. This report apparently makes the Smog Check Program look bad. Speculation as to the source of the fraud would be just that ..... speculation without the report.