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Sign Kit

(also see the T-Shirt kit to make your own T-Shirts)


The two signs in the 11 inch by 8.5 inch format, suitable for printing on standard printer paper are recreated here in five formats. You can download the files and edit them to show the name of your representatives.  The original signs were created using a graphics program called GIMP  (.xcf files) which is available for free for Windows, the MAC and Linux. If your use Microsoft Word, you can use the .doc files. If you use Open Office (also a free program for Windows, the MAC, and Linux) you can use the .odt files.  For programs that understand Rich Text format, use the .rtf files.  If your machine does not have the same fonts you may have to choose a different font and reformat the page. These signs were formated for landscape page orientation.

The font used in Signs 1 and 2 is Cooper font.  Since it is not a standard windows font, you may have to choose another or download and install Cooper.  The fonts were changed to standard windows fonts in the files below.  There are some other fonts to download, if you like, as well. When choosing a font be sure it is easily readable from a distance.  Fancy fonts are fine for things up close, but hard to read at a distance on a fast moving car or truck.

You can attach your sign to the rear window or rear side window of your car with suction cup hooks available everywhere (Google "suction cup hooks").  Be sure that the placement of your sign does not restrict your vision or violate local laws. Once your sign is printed simply use a three hole punch to make holes at the top of your sign and hang it on the hooks attached to the glass. The sign can be easily removed if you are parked in an area that might invite vandalism by those who do not like your message.

By the way, the signs on this site make excellent fliers.  Print up a couple hundred and put them on the windshields of cars in any local shopping area.

The Signs shown on the "Tips for Truckers" can also be modified using GIMP or PhotoShop by Downloading the .xcf or .psd files.

Sign 3Sign 4Sign 5

Some clip art that you can use for your signs, right click on an image to download.

Thumbs DOWN using right hand (for left side of sign)Thumbs Down using left hand (for right side of sign)Thumbs UP using right hand (for left side of sign--in case we find a good representative)Thumbs UP using left hand (for right side of sign--in case we find a good representative)
The KILLCARB banner can be used at the bottom of a sign to direct people here for more information. Right clicking on the image will get you a 9.5 inch wide banner at 300 dots per inch. Right click on the large image and save it to your machine.

.jpg KILLCARB logo with white background
Right click on the image and save it to your machine.
.gif KILLCARB logo with transparent background
Right click on the image and save it to your machine.

These are some useful fonts.  For windows users drag the files into your \windows\fonts folder.

(right click the font image to download)