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CARB Compliance Requirements

Below is email from The State of California Air Resources Board.
This email is regarding compliance requirements under the new CARB regulations for owners of Heavy Duty Off Road Diesel Fueled Vehicles.
In my opinion these compliance requirements are quite complex, and time consuming to understand and implemant.
(Not to mention the large cash outlays and large increase in debt service that is required by the new CARB Diesel regulations. The cash outlay and increased debt service alone will put many small operators out of business.) 
Although a large operator can hire a compliance officer to deal with this, a small operator cannot afford to hire a compliance officer and must spend an inordinate amount of time to read and master and implement this material.
An operator who is trying to run a business does not have the time to master and implement this material and run a business effectively at the same time.
This email from CARB is a good example of one of the many reasons that employers and owners of businesses are leaving The State of California.
As our employers and business owners leave The State of California, our economy gets worse, our unemployment rate increases, and it becomes that much more difficult to balance our State Budget and provide the services That The Citizens of The State of California have come to expect from The State Government.

E-mail from CARB
ARB has released new fleet average calculators that incorporate
the July 2009 amendments to the off-road regulation, as well as a
new guide to early credits.

The revised Fleet Average Calculators will allow fleets
determine how the new credits and other changes to the regulation
adopted in July 2009 will affect their 2010 and future
requirements under the off-road regulation, and are available
The Fleet Average Calculators are Excel files designed to assist
fleet owners in calculating a fleet's Fleet Average and Fleet
Average Targets, based on the equipment model year and horsepower
input. The calculators allow fleets to evaluate different
turnover, repower, and retrofit strategies to plan for compliance
with the in-use off-road diesel vehicle regulation.

The new guide on early credits can be accessed from the
knowledge center at:
or directly at:

The knowledge center also includes a new overview of the
regulation and overview of large fleets' 2010 requirements.