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Low Carbon Fuel Update

The folowing is the updated standard from The California Air resources Board for low carbon fuels.
The low carbon fuels, are fuels such as ethanol. Although these fuels have a lower carbon content per gallon they  also have a lower energy content per gallon, so that more fuel has to be burned per mile.
The end result is that the net production of Carbon Dioxide per mile for the low carbon density fuel is about the same as the net Carbon Dioxide Production per mile for the high carbon density fuels, such as gasoline.
It appears that the only change is that the cost per mile driven goes up because you burn more low Carbon fuel per mile because the low carbon density fuel also has a low energy content.
This just looks like another Boondoggle from The State of California Air Resources Board.

Carbon=Energy. Nevertheless, The Air Resources Board is bound and determined to remove energy from our fuel.

The Air Resources Board Staff has updated the Executive Summary
of the Initial Statement of Reasons to reflect the current status
as of October 6, 2009 of the development of the Low Carbon Fuel
Standard (LCFS) regulation.   

For the updated Executive Summary please visit our LCFS website