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 Meet Assemblymember Jerry Hill in Person

We give Jerry a "Thumbs Down" for ignoring letters!

He did NOT sign the letter urging CARB to "Back Off"

He is a member of the infamous Environmental Caucus 39

He is a former CARB member

Java with Jerry

Please join me (Jerry Hill) for a free cup of coffee and conversation.  Bring your ideas, questions and concerns about legislative issues affecting the community.

Thursday, October 1
7:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.
Island Java Cafe, 800 S. B Street, San Mateo (at the corner of Ninth Avenue)

You are welcome to sit down and stay a while or just drop in for a brief chat. No appointment is necessary.

To RSVP online click here, or if you have questions, please call (650) 349-1900.

UPDATE from Frank A.

I attended Representative Hill's 'coffee' this morning.  There were two of us there wanting to know his stance on CARB and the new regulation, out of an estimated 20 people.

I cited the letter written by our representatives to CARB asking them to rescind the new regulation, and mentioned that I noticed that he didn't sign it.  He said he was not aware that such a letter had been written, and then said that he would not have signed it anyway because he supports the new regulation on diesel emissions.  He claims that there was a study done that shows people in Oakland have a death rate from cancer that is four times higher than the norm, and it was linked to the diesel emissions from trucks servicing the Port of Oakland.  He mentioned proudly that he worked for CARB, and I think he said that he was there when the cancer study came out.

My position was that this a bad time to impose what amounts to a huge tax on Californians, as the costs are passed on to the consumers.  He said that it is unfortunate that this regulation hits in a time of economic crisis and he wishes it could have been handled in a way that would have had lesser impact on those affected, but he feels it needs to be done anyway.  I believe you can put him firmly in the "thumbs down" category.

He said the study showing the higher cancer incidence can be found on the bay area air resources board website (or something like that) so I will look for it and read it over to see if it is believable.