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Thirty-nine Representatives in Need of a Reality Check

On August 28, 2009 Assemblymember Jared Huffman issued the press release posted below. It was issued the very same day that thousands of concerned Californians came to Sacramento to express their views to their elected representatives. Speaking for a group known as the Environmental Caucus, Huffman thumbed his nose at each and everyone of you.  You see, regardless of what you want, these people are determined to tell you the best way to live your life. After all, left on your own, you would spend all your time on the couch,  in an air conditioned room, watching a wide-screen TV and slurping too many sugary drinks.

They are from the government and they are here to help control.

The position of these 35 so-called representatives of the people, is now clearly known. None of them should ever be put back into public office. If you live in one of the districts now served by any these fools who are voting California into bankruptcy, start working against their re-election now.

If you do manage to get one or more of them voted out of office, see where they go and find out if they are back on the public dole in another job--then get them fired.

If you subscribe to the foolishness of Jared Huffman please DO NOT click on the items highlighted in red.

For Immediate Release:
August 28, 2009    

Contact: Paige Brokaw
(916) 319-2006

California Legislative Environmental Caucus Supports Landmark AB 32
Climate bill will recharge California’s economy, create jobs and help fight climate change

Sacramento, CA – Members of the California Legislative Environmental Caucus issued the following statement in response to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the Tea Party Coalition, the “Kill CARB” campaign, and other lobbyists who descended on the State Capitol today to oppose California’s AB 32 Global Warming Solutions Act and advocate for the status quo--putting the health and economy of California at risk.

“California’s pioneering Global Warming Solutions Act, AB 32, is already recharging California’s economy in the form of investments in renewable and clean energy technologies and hundreds of thousands of homegrown jobs. Green jobs are growing 2.5 times as fast as traditional jobs, and California's clean energy economy has attracted more than $6.5 billion in venture capital in the past three years. AB 32 will dramatically expand those figures.

The job opportunities don't stop with the energy sector. Over the last 35 years, savings resulting from the state’s energy efficiency policies have created 1.5 million jobs and more than $45 billion in payroll. AB 32's energy efficiency policies are expected to save Californians $20 billion annually by the year 2020, generating millions of jobs and billions in payroll.

Under AB 32, large and small businesses will also see billions of dollars in increased economic benefits. AB 32 will boost small businesses because it will reduce energy costs and create new opportunities for innovation – something smaller companies can excel at.

California’s environmental and public health protection laws, in conjunction with AB 32, will collectively advance the state’s leadership in clean technologies by attracting and retaining clean technology businesses; stimulate high-quality job growth; achieve the state’s petroleum reduction objectives and clean air and greenhouse gas emission reduction standards, and reduce the state’s vulnerability to petroleum price volatility by ensuring a secure and reliable fuel supply.

In addition to creating jobs and strengthening our economy, AB 32 will provide invaluable public health benefits. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution will decrease the prevalence of asthma and lung cancer, and will prevent premature deaths. Healthier Californians will mean fewer hospital visits and decreased medical care costs. Californians cannot afford to pay the costs of inaction.

Interest groups who oppose AB 32 claim that California can't afford to move into the clean energy future and that it must give up its role as the nation's leading innovator. What they are really saying is “no” to jobs and economic opportunities for Californians. California must continue in its role as a national leader on climate policies and leverage the spirit of innovation that has put Californians at the forefront of the national climate discussions.”

Environmental Caucus

  • Tom Ammiano
  • Speaker Karen Bass
  • Jim Beall, Jr.
  • Marty Block
  • Bob Blumenfield
  • Julia Brownley
  • Wesley Chesbro
  • Kevin De León
  • Noreen Evans
  • Mike Feuer
  • Paul Fong
  • Ed Hernandez
  • Jared Huffman (co-Chair)
  • Jerry Hill (former CARB member)
  • Dave Jones
  • Paul Krekorian
  • Fiona Ma
  • Bill Monning
  • Pedro Nava
  • John Pérez
  • Anthony Portantino
  • Ira Ruskin
  • Mary Salas
  • Lori Saldaña
  • Nancy Skinner
  • Sandré Swanson

  • Elaine Alquist
  • Ellen Corbett
  • Mark DeSaulnier (former CARB member)
  • Loni Hancock
  • Christine Kehoe
  • Carole Liu
  • Fran Pavley (co-Chair)
  • Gloria Romero
  • Abel Maldonado
  • Joe Simitian
  • Pat Wiggins
  • Lois Wolk