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State Assemblymember Cathleen Galgiani

Letters to the Assemblymember:

Sent: 09/14/2009 Reply: November 6, 2009

Dear Assembly Member Galgiani:

I am a voting citizen who resides in your district. My name is Robbie Glenn. KILLCARB.ORG is a website made popular by Dr. Bill Wattenburg on his radio program heard Saturday and Sunday from 10pm to 1 am on KGO in San Francisco. Dr. Wattenburg is asking his listeners to contact their representatives and demand legislation to put an end to the California Air Resources Board. This web site will track progress and publish the replies that come back from Senators and Assembly Members. You are my representative and I want the Board abolished.

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has become a rouge state agency. Their budget for this year alone could pay the salaries of some 8500 teachers. That is not all. CARB’s current effort to replace every diesel engine in the state will cost 20 to 30 BILLION dollars and cause a financial burden on an estimated 30 thousand business owners, putting many of them out of business. 30 thousand businesses represent 150 thousand jobs that could be lost if these companies pull up stakes and move from California. If that is not enough, new diesel engines that meet the CARB standards are less efficient and WILL ACTUALLY ADD TO THE AMOUNT OF CARBON DIOXIDE IN THE ATMOSPHERE! CARB claims that this must be done because particulate matter in the exhaust of diesel engines is a health hazard to Californians. They base this claim on a report written by Hien T. Tran, a CARB employee. Hien T. Tran LIED on his employment application, stating that he held a PHD from UC Davis - when in fact, he bought his PHD from a diploma mill. He is still employed by CARB. WHY? These facts are documented.

By the way, Another Billion dollars is budgeted by the state to pay for the replacement costs of these new LESS efficient engines--that alone could pay the salaries of another 10 thousand teachers in the state of California. Can we afford that in these economic times?

I am asking for documentation in writing that you would support and/or introduce legislation to abolish CARB so that I may document you support on the website. If I do not hear from you, I will assume that you support wasting our money by supporting CARB. Thank you for your time and attention in this important matter.


Robbie Glenn

Click the image for full size view.

Madam:  I am encouraged by your signature on a letter dated Sept. 9th urging CARB (California Air Resources Board) to suspend the Truckbus regulations. I urge you to take further action to protect Californians from this cancerous agency by introducing legislation to disband CARB and prevent the current board and all the crony workers to get ANY other positions within other state agencies. ONLY by eliminating CARB can we Californians feel safe from government waste. They only come up with these rediculus regulations to keep their jobs. I sent you a letter two weeks ago asking for your help to kill CARB. Please respond and let me know if you plan to do your job and help protect Californians or if you plan to snub your constituents. Help kill CARB and you have my vote along with thousands of others, do nothing and next election you'll be packing your bags as WE will vote you out. The choise is yours. Thank you for your time.


The above is an email I sent to Assemblywoman Kathlen Galgiani in response to seeing her signature on the CARB letter dated Sept. 9. I hope it get her attention.


Robbie Glenn

Goddess Bless
Sent: 11/13/09

Madam Assemblywoman: I thank you for your written response to my C.A.R.B. letter to you. I am glad to hear you are working towards abolishing CARB. I would like to know more about the 2 bills your sponsoring. You letter has been posted on along with the GREEN thumbs up for your support. You'll have my vote as long as your working to abolish CARB. Thank you for your time and attention to this critical matter. Please speak with your fellow assembly members and get them to help you abolish CARB.

Message I sent today to Assembly member Galgiani

 Robbie Glenn