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Letters To Us

My name is Scott W. and I don’t know whom you folks are but bravo to your efforts to put CARB to sleep forever.

They are and continue to be a rogue arm of the state government that is obsessed with changing things and it all goes back to AB 32 which is going to hurt the state.

I just wish there were some way of making people aware of what is happening right under their own eyes.  But then again I have a great deal of contempt for the voters in California that seem to be happy with the feel good politics of the day that are going to hurt us all in the long run as they seemingly get more and more excited with the idea of California continuing as a trend setter.  What trends you may ask…..trends that will one day flush this state down the toilet…..


Scott W.

PO Box
, CA 95965
Phone 530-58X-XXXX
Fax 530-58X_XXXX

I heard about your website on the KSFO this AM (Lee Rodgers/Brian Sussman).

Fight on!  And don’t EVER, EVER give up


Tom H.

San Jose, CA.