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Dr. John Telles' Letter to CARB Chief Legal Counsel Ellen Peter Regarding the Hien Tran Fraud

Dr. John Telles, MD is a member of CARB. At the November 19, 2009 board meeting of the California Air Resources Board he stated that he was requesting that the truck rules be set aside because of the Hien T. Tran fraud of which he was unaware before casting his vote. Hien T. Tran authored the report used as the basis for new diesel regulations that threaten to cripple the California economy. Dr. Telles' letter is printed below.

ARB responded to a Public Records Act request from which Dr. Telles' letter was extracted. The entire document, which is Dr. Telles’ formal complaint along with 11 exhibits can be downloaded as a .pdf file at There are many other CARB related documents available for download at that location.

It appears that the second Board Member who knew in advance of the 12/12/08 vote was Dr. John Balmes. (See Exhibit 9, an email from ARB Staff to various individuals, including Balmes, informing them on 12/11/08 that Tran confessed.)

Exhibit 10 is also interesting. In an email to Telles, Chair Mary Nichols admits she knew about Tran’s misrepresentations but claimed to “know the truth” about the science and decided to withhold the information from the rest of the Board because it was a “distraction.”

Exhibit 9 and Exhibit 10 are printed below Dr. Telles' letter along with other exhibits.
The reply from Ellen Peter says that the Hien Tran fraud should not affect the truck rule.

Selected Exhibits:

Exhibit #1 | Exhibit #3 | Exhibit #5 | Exhibit #7 | Exhibit #9 | Exhibit #10

The entire document with all 11 exhibits can be downloaded as a .pdf file at
You can also read the reply from Ellen Peter.

Exhibit #3

Exhibit #5

Exhibit #7

Exhibit #9

Exhibit #10