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An Essay by Jeff Lassle

     I belong to a group called FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) as a lifelong professional forester in the forest products industry worldwide.  The following is an essay I wrote in response to a question concerning "Anthropogenic Global Warming Theory (AGW)  on their blog.  This short, short essay also addresses the heavy hand of California environmentalists  that we face in the formaldehyde and diesel regulations. There are more regulations on the way.  We have to make sure the Scientific Review Panel (SRP) of the California Air Resources Board CARB understands the economic effects of their decisions to the people of California.  As Dr. Reed states, "Science should do no harm".  Currently, California science is doing a lot of harm and for little or no benefit.
Jeff Lassle  

I find the hype of anthropogenic global warming theory (AGW) relatively the "Greatest Scientific Swindle of all Time". Let me explain.

Firstly, my background as a former Montana EPA scientist and a person who spent his entire career in the forest products industry worldwide I have a few credible statements to make on this issue. I currently am lobbying for the repeal of AB32, the California's law on AGW that will most certainly devastate what is left of California's economy in the years to come with cost estimates currently of 189 billion dollars in a trillion dollar yearly economy. California is already strapped with a 480 billion dollar cost of regulatory laws and the addition of AB32 costs and the federal Cap N Trade legislation spells only one thing, doom for Californians.

Gore's movie, "An Inconvenient Truth" is largely based on lies and untruths and the 30 or so arguments of the movie were proven false in an English court as they did not elevate to the level of scientific evidence or fact. I will mention in this short essay only one falsehood and that is the preconceived idea of the polar bear population used in the movie to show that these creatures are dying due to AGW. That is just plain false and the two bears used as Gore's poster children were later seen swimming away to shore and off they went. Seen by the person, a researcher who took the picture in the first place. Four other bears were seen dead and died due to a massive storm in the area, not because of AGW.

It seems facts don't mean anything to the media as they promote this hysteria for reasons of money, greed, and ratings but the bottom line, it is working and gullible people are buying this nonsense. I am not one of them.

It appears too often that the word "integrity" no longer applies to scientific research and credibility and one has to ask if "science should do no harm" as it certainly is in the case of the AGW hoax to the people of the world. What kind of harm, economic harm to those who are losing their jobs and careers over just another environmental hoax that we have seen so often in the past.

Remember the Alar apple scare? The acid rain scare, the world was heading into an ice age in the 1970's, and many others too numerous to mention. In fact every decade, there is a new global fad that sweeps the globe causing much mayhem and destruction to the people of this globe.

Global warming is a natural occurrance, a cycle if you wish as this biosphere has experienced many times over in it's 5-6 billion year existence. We cannot nor should we try to upset the balance of this cycle, to try and control climate or weather is just inconceivable to this person's eyes.

We must take care of our planet and prevent pollution and the over population of the human species, but to tear down the economic fabric over a science that is not settled is beyond this author's understanding.

Science should do no harm. We all need to get back to this premise.... immediately before it is too late and chaos sweeps the land.

Jeff Lassle