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Impact of the Economy on Emission

CARB Plan to Reduce Emissions by Ruining Our Economy

[Here is] an email that I received from, The State of California Air Resources Board (CARB)   this morning.
This is a workshop on the economic impact of the economy on emissions.
As I read the notice, this workshop sounds as if it is directed at the reduction in Diesel Emissions as a result of the decline in the economy and the resulting decline in the number of vehicle miles traveled rather than the Economic Impact of The Diesel Regulations themselves.
As I see it, the critically important information that is needed is from a thorough and accurate assessment of the real impact on The Economy of the State of California of The new Diesel Regulations when they are implemented.
I can see some impacts which appear to me to be quite obvious.
The first is that it will cost a minimum of $50,000 per vehicle for the required Diesel Engine replacement and the mandatory retrofits of the addition of a Diesel Particle Filter (DPF) and the addition of a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) device.
There are approximately 1 million Heavy Duty Diesel Fueled Trucks that are subject to the new Diesel Regulations, registered with The State of California Department of Motor Vehicles.
The total cost of retrofitting all of these vehicles will be approximately 50 Billion Dollars. These costs will dramatically reduce the taxable income and consequently will reduce the taxable income and Revenues to The State  of California.
Also, approximately 50% of the Trucking Companies in the State of California are small operations. Many of the small operations lack the financial ability to comply with the new Diesel Regulations and will be forced out of Business, because they lack the financial ability to comply with the new Diesel Regulations.
The loss of many of the small Trucking Companies will result in a severe Truck Shortage in The State of California, which will result in severe disruptions in the transport of goods in The State of California.
The truck shortage will have a large negative impact on The Agricultiural Industry in the transport of highly perishable Agricultural products. The Agricultural Industry in The State of California is a 36 Billion Dollar per year industry.
A delay of even a few days in the transport of perishable products such as Tree Fruit, Vegetables, Fluid Milk, Cut Flowers  and the like will result in a great deal of spoilage of these Agricultural Products.
The resulting losses to the Agricultural Sector of The Economy will be in the Billions of Dollars. The financial losses will force many small family farms out of business. This will have a particularly severe impact on the Central Valley where many of these Agricultural Products are grown and produced.
The Central Valley  is already suffering from the reduction in water deliveries for Agricultural Purposes, which has already resulted in large financial losses in The Agricultural Sector of The Economy.
In addition, the new Diesel Regulations for Off Road Heavy Duty Diesel Fueled Vehicles and Stationary Power Plants which are in widespread use iin the Construction Industry will also force many of the small Contractors out of business.
The result of the new Diesel Regulations will be a large reduction in  taxable income in The State of California, and a large reductions in Revenue to The State of California at a time when The State Budget is already out of balance largely because of reduced Revenues to The State of California.
In addition the new Diesel Regulations will result in many small businesses being forced out of business and into bankruptcy. Many of the people employed in those businesses will lose their jobs and will add to the already high rates of unemployment in The State of California.
The loss of those jobs and income will result in further reductions in taxable income and Revenue to The State of California. Also the loss of those jobs will result in much higher payments for the Unemployed.

Charles Butterfield

--- On Wed, 10/14/09, <> wrote:

    From: <>
    Subject: onrdiesel -- Workshop about the Impact of the Economy on Emission
    Date: Wednesday, October 14, 2009, 10:40 AM

    Workshop on the Impact of the Economy on Emission Posted.

    We have posted a workshop notice to discuss how the usage of
    existing diesel-fueled trucks and buses in California has been
    impacted by the economic recession.  This analysis is being
    conducted as part of a broader effort to evaluate the
    implementation of the Truck and Bus regulation.  They are
    available for viewing at: