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Contact with the California Air Resources Board

From: Jeff Lassle <>
Subject: ARB and the future
Date: Thursday, November 5, 2009, 5:45 AM

Mr. Jim Aguila:
     I just want to make you aware that we are trying our best to organize the legislators to come together in understanding the harm your agency is doing to this state and now to this country.  The medical harm you and your colleagues have caused the people by these needless regulations is unprecedented in American history and yes we do have many physicians on the record on the medical diseases caused by groups such as yours when you put people out of their jobs and careers, like you have done to me. 
     We are working on shutting down your agency for good, to put an end to radicalism, radicalism that has no scientific benefits.   Jim, I now understand why you would not debate me, as a mechanical engineer, you had had no background in the biological and environmental sciences and it is clear now why yourself or few in your agency would debate the science of the issue.  Since I have had a lot of time on my hands, losing everything I had built in my life, I researched heavily on the actions of your agencies and aligned myself with real scientists in this arena, scientists who 100% agree with what I had been telling you and your agency from day one.  Our goal is to shut down your radical agency in the State of California. 
     You now have the backing of a childish governor, a Republican governor whose only accomplishment, as he sees it, is his environmental legislation that you and he calls landmark legislation.  It is landmark, that is no doubt, but landmark in the sense that it completely negates the freedom Americans fought and died for on foreign lands to assure the rights of each and every citizen.  The governor, not being from this country, obviously does not recognize how important that is to Americans, thus supports these radical environmental laws that have no benefits and only economic dis benefits. 
     Calling your work landmark legislation Jim is erroneous as any legislation developed by the California Air Resources Board will automatically be rubber stamped by what is called an illegal scientific peer review panel and by the many activists sitting on that panel.  This panel and your agency has made a mockery of the American system of government and represents the actions a third world banana republic would take toward its citizens and we are going to fight to the end this corruption by your agency.  So far we have 52 legislators of both parties who understand our side and have given support to our cause.  One has stated publicly that "he is tired of this crap coming out of ARB".  The ARB as it stands has long outlived its usefullness. 
     It won't be long Jim that you too will be looking for work in a state that there is no work due in a large part because of your onerous regulations that have no environmental or medical benefits.  The time is coming as the 2010 elections are approaching and many who once supported your agency are now running for the hills, seeking cover from the power of the American voter.
     The governor and his wife with their 300 million dollar fortune are not being affected by these regulations, or apparently any regulation as Maria Shriver is seen often breaking laws, eg cell phone and other minor laws enacted by her husband.  The hypocrisy of these two are incredible. This governor is a lame duck, a failed politician and statesman, a national disgrace to this country.  He is an Austrian and a movie star, what did we expect?
     We are going national with our message.  James Goldsteen has a lot of explaining to do.   
Jeff Lassle

Dear CARB,

Your regs are predicated on ESTIMATES! Clear out the Cronies at the science advisory board and get some "fresh" realistic scientists in to give a realistic apprasial. We all want to lower GHG but not at cutting off our noses to spite our face! CARB needs to be disbanded and the California EPA needs to do it's job. Get REAL scientists, not that fraud Tran, to do REAL research. The level of government waste is appalling! Stop screwing the "Little" guy and go after the real polluters--Coal power plants! You want to stop GHG? Stop building coal plants in the US. Go nuclear--ZERO GHG. It's safe,effective and the waste can be reprocessed and reused. The money spent on CARB can be better used to lower GHG at power plants. Abolish CARB now!


     I have read you new newsletter and I find it informative. It's a right step towards open transparency. I would suggest you add a section fully explaining all the current and future regulations that the California EPA is trying to impose upon the people with a detailed explanation of just how these regs will impact the common citizen. Everything must be out in the open. Since CARB is going to be abolished, I would suggest keeping this newsletter under the auspices of the California EPA. It's good to keep the VOTERS informed.

Robbie Glenn
Goddess Bless

Recently, the California Air Resources Board asked for comments from the public and provided the following address:

California Dump Truck Owners Association Written Comments on the California Air Resources Board’s Truck and Bus Regulation. (.pdf file)

The following message to CARB and their Reply was sent for posting
Sent to CARBReply from CARB
Comment 1064 for truckbus08 (15-1).

First Name: Robbie
Last Name: Glenn
File (i.e., Attachment): 

Subject: Kill CARB
Please do us all a favor and resign your jobs. Stop bleeding the
state of needed money and jobs with your bogus particulate air
regs. Tran is a fake and you only slapped him on the wrist for it.
I and millions of californians will do whatever it takes to stop
your gravy train. You are NOT worth $857 million a year. I
personally hold all of you in contemp of community. You only care
about your jobs and screw the public. WE have had enough. CARB is
going to be relegated to the trash heap. You have no honor. Your
all hypocrites.
Sent: Wednesday, August 19, 2009 6:37:59 PM GMT -08:00 US/Canada Pacific
Subject: Re: Board Comment Submittal for truckbus08: Kill CARB

Thank you for taking the time to send the
Air Resources Board (ARB or Board) your
views concerning an issue scheduled for ARB action.

If your comment concerned a regulatory item, you
will receive notice of additional public comment
periods, if any, on that item. However, this
notice will be exclusively via email unless you
provide me with a physical address to which you
would like a hard copy of the notice to be mailed.

A summary of Board actions on public hearing items
and hearing transcripts are available at our
web site, .

In addition, updates on specific regulatory items
are available through .

These and other sites potentially relevant to
your comment are available at the ARB's homepage, .

Thanks again for your input.


Clerk of the Board
California Air Resources Board