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Terry Campbell for Governor

I have always held the belief that for the most part, politicians and bureaucrats are members of the parasite class. They live and grow fat off the produce of the working hosts that support them--leading to the host's eventual death and thus their own demise.  Therefore, it is always a welcomed surprise when I discover a politician acting outside of the parasite model. I would like to introduce you to Councilman Terry Campbell of Needles. While researching a new emergency rule by CARB, I found his comments posted in the public comments area.  Terry really gets it, and in fact is exactly the kind of person needed in California politics to counteract the years of cancerous growth in Sacramento that threatens to kill California.

Terry says it well.  It is the perfect message to let CARB know that you have awakened and realize that CO2 and PM2.5 regulations are simply a method for the parasites to exercise control over their hosts. Cut and paste the message into the public comment section for any new proposed CARB regulation. It then becomes part of the public record.

First Name: Terry
Last Name: Campbell
Email Address:
Affiliation: MDAQMD board of Governors Needles, Ca

Subject: Green House Gas Regulations

CO2 is not! a health hazard it is a natural by product of Human
existence and the combustion process. Energy to do the work of
providing food and comfort for Habitat has evolved as mankind has
progressed and become more efficient in the use of fuel and
technology. This is a misguided effort to regulate the natural
photosynthesis that occurs between mammals and planet life.

The only Greenhouse gas of any significance that affects the earths
climate is water Vapor. There is No data that any Scientist
currently studying the earths Climate can point to that can measure
how much water Vapor is suspended in our atmosphere on any given

Water Vapor in the atmosphere occurs due to latent Heat of
Vaporization and this due to our Oceans reacting to our Sun.

I question the CARB authority to control CO2 emissions under AB 32.
AB 32 is bad legislation passed by inept State legislature and
based on Bogus science. There will be consequence to the States
economy, and the government, that's us will rise up and expel those
who perpetrated this canard.

Every Board Member needs to do the right thing and do whats best
for Californians and that's save or Economy. Cheap Energy is the
only way to restore the Nations Economy and the State of
California's Economy.

Snap Out of it!

Terry Campbell Needles Council(retired DWPLA Operations Supervisor)


Original File Name:

Date and Time Comment Was Submitted: 2012-02-23 20:22:11