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Politics with our lungs: A word from the Car Collector Community

To the Faithful

The A.L.A.  is one of the main charities that politically opposes our hobby strongly. Below was FWD to me from the president of the ACCC and is their latest effort. I have asked lawyers; “How do they keep their tax free status while coming out with this kind of propaganda”? I get blank faces as an answer.

When AB-1740 SCV Bill was voted on in the Assembly Transportation Committee, the Chairman, Bonnie Lowenthal-D-Long Beach/San Pedro stated; “I know how you love your cars, but I must vote for health”. The bill still passed anyway and was sent on to win on the Assembly floor vote with a two to one margin. The bill was killed in the Senate Transportation Committee. This committee was chaired by her former husband. Do birds of a feather really fly together?

There are two notions I do not subscribe to; the first, air pollution is a nationwide problem. There are isolated cases and locations that are caused by many different reasons. Example; the LA Basin has a problem in the summer because of a weather condition called the “Inversion Layer”. It caps the basin, like a saucer on top of a coffee cup and keeps the emissions in and from dissipating. I have actually seen the layer, when sunlight conditions are right. I have also flown over the western states and the country many times and I can say without reservation, we do not have an air pollution problem to the extent the EPA & CA ARB would like us to believe.

The second is; more government regulation is required. The CA ARB is strangling the economy of this state. They are killing business & jobs at an alarming rate. The EPA is doing the same nationally. Our dependence on foreign oil has grown from 50% to 60+%. With oil prices in the $80-90 range the oil companies would be drilling in the Bakken Reserve and other places. They already have the leases; they don’t want to fight all levels of government to get the permits. It costs too much and goes on and on. I for one do not view American oil companies as villains, however I do not have a high opinion of foreign oil suppliers.

I recently received an envelope from the ALA with Christmas Seals and a request for a donation. Maybe I should send it back without a check and a note saying “the check will follow when you stop opposing favorable collector car legislation.

Keep the Faith & Spread the Word

“Dyno” Don B.