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CARB retrofit causes forest fire--29 homes lost!

From the mailbag:

To Whom It May Concern:
I’m hoping you can look into this and get someone to alert the media.  There was a fire in Washington State that destroyed 29 homes and it looks like it was caused by a CARB diesel truck retrofit. 
The fire was called the “Monastery Complex Fire” and you can read about it in the Goldendale Sentimental here:
The article states “Sparks from a malfunctioning exhaust pipe on a semi truck heading south started the fire, according to the driver. The driver told The Sentinel he tried to put out the flames with his fire extinguisher that was on board his truck but couldn’t contain it.”
The truck that caused the fireHowever, the same article has a picture of the class 8 diesel truck.  It has a new heat shield with the word “Ironman” cut into it.  Ironman is one of the biggest installers of retrofit devices.  My understanding is that this was a Washington truck that was CARB retrofit because it travels to California.  You can see in the photo (found in the article) that it was a retrofit that melted through the exhaust pipe, and you can see the “slag” on the top deck.
This fire was started on September 9th.  Last week on the CARB website, CARB posted a letter indicating that a company cannot sell their previously verified retrofit, you can read the document here:
Is this the device that caused the fire?  If so, someone needs to let people know.  CARB is getting ready to require these types of devices on all trucks in California very soon.  If this is what can happen, then that’s a bad idea.  This must be the device, why else would they put out a letter on a Saturday (see the date of the letter). 
I need someone to “connect the dots” here.  A retrofitted class 8 truck starts a forest fire and CARB halts the sales of one of their devices.  This device should never be allowed to be sold, but CARB’s letter only seems like it applies to Cummins engines, and that it might be a temporary halt. 
Here’s another article on the fire:
Yes, the device mentioned in the CARB letter is the one on the class 8 truck in the picture.  It’s now common knowledge at CARB and there are internal memos stating as much.