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CEU: We stopped a $3.6 billion energy tax extension!

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Thank you so much for your activism.  Friday night at 1 am, AB 724, the $3.6 billion energy tax extension was defeated by BIPARTISAN opposition! 


We stopped a $3.6 billion energy tax extension!


We were joined in opposition by Senator Rod Wright of an inner city Los Angeles district, Lou Correa of northern Orange County and Lois Wolk of Davis - a particularly courageous position given that she represents a very pro-green district.  I don't believe any Republicans voted yes, although a few did not vote.

I hope you understand what you have done.  This was considered an uphill and nearly impossible fight from the beginning.  They put it to a vote twice, hoping to change some votes for the second round.  They failed to get even close to a 2/3 majority with us having Democrats on our side.

If there ever were supermen and superwomen, they are you.

However know that our opponents will be back before the end of the year to push through the same exact policy in SBX1 28 and SBX1 29 of the extraordinary session.  THEY now have the uphill fight with so many representatives now on record against the tax extension.  I will be in communication with you as those bills develop.

But for now, our activism has made a difference and our government worked the way it should.

Thank you.  I appreciate you more than I can express.

Rally for Economic Freedom now just a month away and we need volunteers!


Cut the red tape!If you have not already, please mark your calendar for an epic rally on Saturday, October 8th at noon on the West Steps of the State Capitol. At the rally we will demand an end to the draconian job-killing policies imposed on us by the California Air Resources Board and their allies in the political establishment.


Since the last time, I've communicated with you, I have some exciting news. We expect to receive permission to block off the street in front of the Capitol and will be able to park shiny big rigs and classic cars.


This auto show component to our event will make the rally fun for the whole family to attend while also serving to showcase our heritage of trucking and auto enthusiasm now under attack by CARB.


Thank you to everyone who has volunteered to be a member of the security team. We still need additional volunteers to staff the sign in table, help with set up and tear down and to bring their trucks or classic cars for the auto show. Please email me if you are willing to help. The first 25 people to volunteer to help will receive free CEU tee shirts!


If you have a big rig or classic car you would like to display at the auto show, please also email me and tell me what kind of vehicle it is.  As always, I can be reached at

I look forward to seeing you at the rally!  Please click here to download our rally flyer and distribute it to your friends, coworkers and fellow activists.  A large showing is crucial for us to send a message.



Eric Eisenhammer


Coalition of Energy Users


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