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Incident of CARB Terrorism in Oxnard

The following e-mail exchange was sent to KILLCARB reporting an incident involving a CARB inspector. CARB says it was not us...

  • Jesus C.
  • 5 More...
Monday, July 25, 2011 7:29 PM

Message body

Dear Sir: I am hard working truck driver working in Oxnard Ventura area. About three months ago while working in Port Hueneme I decided to go to lunch. I exited the port and noticed that a blue colored van was chasing me. I ignored him at first but the driver got aggrasive and cut me out very dangerously he forced me to drive off the road and then he tried to cut me off with his hand extended from the driver side with a black object looked like a hand gun. I thought that he was a gangster trying to rub me so I did not stop and drove off from him. This took about an hour and he almost ran on some pedesterians crossing the street and he almost hit my truck and other cars on the road for stopping my truck. I decided to drive to police station and ask for help. I told police and they said they will look into it and if I see the Blue colored van to call 911. I returned to my truck and some drivers on the cb radio said that I was chased by blue ARB van in the streets of Oxnard. I parked my truck and went inside the port there I saw the blue van with the exempt government plate starting with 136 or 163. I called arb office and asked if they were in port hueneme the lady named aps said the arb was in Oxnard port. I filed a complaint wit governor office and wanted to let you know to. I went to police and asked if arb can chase me? They said no. I want to let you know that your inspector cause me to accident almost and almost killed to pedesterians chasing me with black object in his hand waving at me, he drove me off the road and scared the shit out of me and everybody in Oxnard with his dangeros driving. I am scared to go to Oxnard and don’t know what to do, this inspector is dangerous and may kill me with his mad driving on the blue van
Please help, Jesus
From: "Ryden, Jim@ARB" <>
To: Jesus Castina <>
Cc: "Jacobs, Paul@ARB" <>; "Zincke, Jay@ARB" <>
Sent: Tuesday, July 26, 2011 2:25 PM
Subject: RE: blue arb van vhasing me in oxnard
I’m sorry to hear about your incident. We will be pleased to look into your complaint more fully. After reviewing our vehicle list we don’t have any vehicles that match your description with the numbers you provided. Consequently in order for us to proceed to investigate your complaint I would appreciate you supplying us with additional information. If you can please tell me the specific date time and location of the incident and the names of any witnesses to the incident that you may know. Also it would be helpful if you can tell me if a police report was filed and the jurisdiction of the responding officers. Also I will need a phone number where an ARB Enforcement Division investigator can contact you. I look forward to hearing from you.
From: Jesus C. []
Sent: Tuesday, July 26, 2011 7:55 PM
To: Ryden, Jim@ARB
Subject: Re: blue arb van vhasing me in oxnard
Sorry my English not good my girl write this for you. It happen in April of this year 2011 in Port Hueneme, the car is new Chevy minivan color blue color with govement license maybe starting 136 or 163 or 126 not sure. happen noontime in Oxnard. He look japanises and I see him when I went back to port with 3 inspedctor in port chekin truks. He no see me two look midleast one maybe Mexican. I have truk driver winess but s not want to come talk like me have migra problema. No police report he say I can next time citizenship arrest for the blue van inspector japanises driver.
Friday, August 5, 2011 2:00 PM

Message body

Dear Mr. C.,
I am very sorry about your encounter with one of our Air Resources Board inspectors. Can you please provide me with your phone number? I would like to have a Field Supervisor who speaks Spanish call you about what we found in our investigation of this incident.
Thank you,
Nancy O'Connor
Manager, Heavy Duty Diesel Enforcement Section
California Air Resources Board
Air Resources Board, TruckStop