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A Restaurant's fight against CARB Nazis


CARB's Socialist Agenda

June 21,2011: On today's Brian Sussman show (heard weekdays from 5 AM to 9 AM on San Francisco's KSFO, Hot Talk 560), Brian, a caller to the program was on his way to help a new restaurant being tormented by CARB Nazis for particulate emissions.  Brian Sussman also had a few words about todays "Spare the Air" day and what his plans are for the afternoon.

Show open w/ comments on "Spare the Air Day"--Brian Sussman: "Come on over to my house CARB!"

Caller Brian commenting on restaurant's fight against the CARB Air Nazis

Brian Sussman's "Spare the Air Day" agenda

More "Spare the Air comments and Brian's "Global Warming Update: CARB's Socialist Agenda"