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More PM2.5 from vacuum cleaners than from diesel trucks

Dr.Bill Wattenburg discusses a study that shows that there are more small particles are emitted from your vacuum cleaner's exhaust than come from the exhaust pipes of diesel engines. Yet CARB continues to destroy the economy of California with its PM2.5 regulations. Regulations based on a report written by Hien Tran, the proven fraud, who lied about having a PHD.


Dr. Willard H. (Bill)  Wattenburg is a senior research scientist at the Research Foundation, California State University, Chico; and a scientific consultant for the University of California Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and many other institutions. He is a former nuclear weapons designer at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory; a former member of the US Air Force Scientific Advisory Board; and a former UC Berkeley professor of electrical engineering.   He  was co-founder of Berkeley Scientific Laboratories with Dr.  Donald Glaser (Nobel  Prize,  Physics,  1960).     For the last twenty five years,  Bill Wattenburg has had a second profession  at nighttime as a talk show host on  KGO Radio  AM810,  ABC, San Francisco.   His  popular  show,  “The Open Line to the West Coast,” on Saturday and Sunday nights,  10pm to 1am,  has been the most listened to show in that time slot  in  eleven western states.