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Eric Eisenhammer


Coalition of Energy Users

Stop the "oil severance tax" bill that raises gas prices and kills jobs! 


Assemblyman Warren Furutani has introduced a bill to impose a $1 billion oil severance tax that analysts estimate will kill 10,000 jobs, cause further devastation to the transportation and construction industries and harm everyone who drives. 


AB 1326 will raise the price of gas by approximately 25-30 per gallon and will raise the price of diesel slightly more.


  • California's current 66 per gallon gas taxes are already the highest in the nation.  With gas prices at record highs we do not need even higher gas prices.
  • The amount of tax you pay per gallon will go up if gas prices continue to rise because the tax is a percentage imposed directly on the price of crude.
  • Gas taxes are regressive taxes that harm those who can least afford them the most.
  • Prices on things you buy every day will go up because of higher transportation costs.
  • Our oil fields produce a lower grade of crude that is more expensive to refine.  The oil severance tax could force the shutdown of California oil wells and increase our dependency on imported oil.

But you can take action to help stop the shakedown at the pump! 

  • SIGN the petition to the California Legislature and sign up for updates as AB 1326 moves through the process or until we put it to a halt.
  • CALL Warren Furutani's office at (916) 319-2055 and demand he withdraw AB 1326 for the reasons stated on this flyer.
  • WRITE letters to the editor to your local newspaper opposing AB 1326
  • TESTIFY at the upcoming hearings on the bill.  We will let you know when this bill is heard in Capitol policy committees, unless it is obliterated on the Assembly Floor where it needs a 2/3 vote to pass.
  • Download the fact sheet on AB 1326 and distribute it to your friends and fellow activists.

High gas prices are already hurting working people at the pump and putting jobs in jeopardy.  AB 1326 is a bad idea at the worst possible time. 


Warren Furutani is a Democrat, a party that has long promoted itself as a champion of the working class.  If you are a Democrat, be sure to mention that when writing letters to the editor and express your disappointment at Furutani and the Democrats in the Legislature who have supported AB 1326.