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First of all, I have some great news for you.  You may have heard that a San Francisco court issued a tentative ruling sending CARB back to the drawing board on cap and trade.  The unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats of the California Air Resources Board contested the tentative ruling. 
Now, a final decision has been issued affirming the original decision that CARB failed to seriously study less harmful alternatives to cap and trade.  This ruling should delay CARB for months or even years.

Support a new bill to abolish CARB!


Assemblyman Tim Donnelly has introduced a bill to abolish the California Air Resources Board, an unelected and unaccountable bureaucracy that kills jobs.


AB 1332 would help free entrepreneurs to get California's economy back on track while transferring CARB's responsibilities to the California Environmental Protection Agency.


CARB's recent scandals have included failure to back away from a study by an employee who falsified his credentials and failure to fire that employee, failure to account for $30 million intended to be used on AB 32 implementation and as I mentioned above, a court ruling striking down CARB's cap and trade plan for violating previously existing law requiring the agency to research less harmful options before proceeding forward. 


This fact sheet gives a good overview of many of the abuses over which critics have expressed concern.


But you can take action to help in the fight for the abolition of CARB!

  • Contact the members of the Assembly Natural Resources Committee and tell them to SUPPORT AB 1332.
  • Sign the petition on our site for the abolition of CARB.
  • Use the social networking links on the top of this email to share this action alert with your contacts via Facebook and Twitter

Thank you for being a part of this fight.  The recent court ruling postoning CARB's implementation of cap and trade shows that our arguments are legitimate and are gaining steam. 


Let's keep the pressure up on the political establishment because our economic troubles are not the result of an act of God but because of acts of a state government that kills jobs and drives productive citizens to flee California's anti-business high tax climate.  Eventually, either they will blink and allow economic growth or our momentum in favor of jobs will grow so strong that the politicians responsible will be voted out of office.


Eric Eisenhammer
Coalition of Energy Users