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California Environmental Protection Agency
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California Truckin’ News
TRU: Grace period for model year 2003 engines ends March 31,

Dated: March 03, 2011

Mary Fricke
Karen Caesar

TRUs are temperature-control systems powered by diesel engines
that refrigerate or heat perishable products in semi-trailers,
truck vans, shipping containers and rail cars. In order to
operate in California, TRUs - regardless of where they are based
- must meet the state's standards.

At ARB's November 2010 board hearing, industry appealed for more
time to bring model year 2003 TRU engines into compliance. The
weight of the faltering economy had made it difficult to get
funding for new engines.

Recognizing the need to ease the burden while protecting the
health of Californians, the ARB gave industry a 90 day grace
period. During this period enforcement officers would not pursue
actions against non-compliant 2003 model year TRUs.

The 90 day extension is over March 31, 2011. By then all model
year 2003 TRU engines must meet required control standards or
owners will face penalties.

ARB inspection teams will be at distribution centers, scales,
border crossings, truck stops, ports, intermodal facilities and
other locations where TRUs operate, and will issue citations for
non-compliance. Penalties for registration violations can be up
to $500 each. In-use performance violations may be up to $1,000.
Penalties may be even greater if violations go uncorrected.

To help businesses comply with the regulation, financing
information is provided on ARB's TRU website under Compliance
Assistance Contacts. Some organizations listed offer small
business loans. Retrofit device manufacturers, such as Rypos,
offer lease programs and financing. TRU owners should contact
their local air district to find out about other financial
assistance programs.

Purchases of equipment that go beyond TRU requirements may
qualify for financial assistance through California's Carl Moyer
Program. This program seeks greater emission reductions by
getting cleaner engines on the road at least three years before
required by law. These grants may not be used to comply with
regulations. Funding is limited and awarded to the most
cost-effective proposals. More information can be found at TRU
Information Charts.

For more information ARB has established a toll-free TRU Help
Line available to callers during normal business hours, Pacific
Time: 1-888-878-2826. Callers from outside the U.S. should dial
(916) 445-5516, or send an email.

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