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Tell the hypocrite James Cameron you won't be buying the new edition of "Avatar"!

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Dear Friend,

After our opponents defeated the three million of us who stood for postponing the job-killing global warming law, a major solar company wasted no time in shutting down their first of two factories and the James Cameron promotion machine kicked into gear, apparently thinking we have all forgotten about his hypocritical insistence that we "live with less."
Tell James Cameron you will NOT buy his new release of "Avatar"!

James Cameron lecturingOur television's are now awash in a marketing campaign promoting director James Cameron's new extended version of "Avatar," due to be released this week. 

It's time for us to send a message to James Cameron that we refuse to purchase his new movie release (or can't afford to due to AB 32).  Please add your signature to the open letter to James Cameron which we will send to him one month from today:

Dear Mr. Cameron:


I am one of the millions of taxpayers who supported Proposition 23.


I will NOT be purchasing your extended version of "Avatar" because of your $1 million donation to the campaign opposing the Prop. 23 effort to relieve our economy of the costly AB 32 global warming tax.


You have stated that, "we're going to have to live with less," while you yourself own three houses in Malibu totaling 24,000 square feet, a 100 acre Santa Barbara ranch, a stable of exotic cars, a fleet of submarines, a yacht and a Humvee firetruck.


I am NOT willing to live with less.  But I will be living WITHOUT your extended version of "Avatar" thanks to your support of imposing job losses and higher prices on the rest of us.


We the undersigned,

Click here to sign the letter now!

Morning after election Solyndra solar company closes doors!

Solyndra shuts doorsOur opponents promised the devastation AB 32 would cause to traditional jobs would be offset by millions of new "green" jobs.  This despite the fact that green jobs make up only 1% of the economy and CARB itself admits only 10,000 new green jobs from AB 32.
The Solyndra solar company was an example put forward by our opponents of the new green economy of the future.  But the day after the election, Solyndra shuttered its first of two factories. 
$535 million in Federal loan guarantees and promotion of the company by Governor Schwarzenegger and President Obama were still not enough to make the company viable.  The Solyndra shutdown will cost California 140 jobs.
These green jobs will be sent to China, illustrating yet again that California's hostile business climate is even driving away green businesses.  At the end of the day, the bulk of the green jobs that will be created in California will be installation - because that simply can't be done somewhere else.  But if they could install your solar panels while standing outside the state's job-killing boundaries they probably would!
Write a letter to the editor and spread the word that the green jobs sold to us by Prop. 23 opponents were a myth!

Thank you for your support of AB 32 suspension.  As they say, Rome wasn't built in a day.  We will not lose until we choose to give up.  Times may be tough right now, but with the Solyndra closing, history is already vindicating us.

Eric signature
Eric Eisenhammer
California Jobs Initiative

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