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From the KILLCARB Mail Bag.....

Please consider adding an additional California Agency to your kill list|

Dear friends at,

Re: California needs to reign in the California State Water Quality Control Board to save the California economy and schools.

California voters need to stop the state Water Quality Control Board from forcing expensive changes that could potentially reduce California power generation from natural gas and nuclear by 23,000 MW. On May 4th, 2010 at the end of a marathon all-day hearing, board members with the California State Water Quality Control Board unanimously passed sweeping new regulations for the state's 19 coastal power plants. The plan passed by the state Water Quality Control Board could force closure or changes at 19 coastal power plants that use ocean water to cool equipment. The policy, which calls for reduction of ocean water use by 93 percent over a period of years, would affect 23,000 MW of California’s generating capacity. The new regulations would require plants that use ocean water for cooling to reduce their intake in order to dramatically lower the amount of fish and fish eggs that are sucked from the Pacific Ocean and killed in the process of generating the

 The state Water Quality Control Board is guilty of poor Benefit/Cost analysis and their poor decision will come at terrible cost to the state electricity rate payers and California schools who depend on a healthy tax base. Putting in jeopardy and potentially eliminating as much as 23,000 MW of California’s electrical power generation to avoid potentially injuring fish eggs is unwarranted and will have serious unanticipated effects that could drive business, which helps pay for schools with taxes, away. Please protect California schools funding and preserve California’s investment in natural gas and nuclear power plants by introducing legislation to overturn the decision of the State Water Quality Control Board to force steep reductions in use of ocean cooling water (93%) which would force closure of many existing power plants.

I feel strongly about this decision by the State Water Quality Control Board that could very easily threaten the California economy and California schools.

Sincerely, Robert XXXXXXXX - Retired

Note: Additional information regarding the  California Water Quality Control Board's recent actions to drastically reduce ocean cooling water usage can be found at: