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Thanks CARB!

It would have taken me hours to compile this list of articles covering the California Jobs Initiative as it heads for the November 2 ballot.  The CARB news clip service sent this list to my e-mail. It is pretty obvious that CARB is pretty focused on this turn of events. Of course the hand wringers are writing articles about how suspending AB32 will cost us jobs--hogwash! What suspending AB32 will do is what is most needed: Kill CARB!

newsclips -- Newsclips for May 4, 2010.

California Air Resources Board News Clips for May 4, 2010.

This is a service of the California Air Resources Board’s Office
of Communications.  You may need to sign in or register with
individual websites to view some of the following news articles.


Bloomberg: California Carbon Law Fight Takes a ‘Giant Step’. An
oil industry-supported group that wants California voters to
suspend the state’s global warming laws said today it has
collected nearly twice the signatures needed to get the proposed
delay on the November ballot. More than 800,000 signatures have
been gathered in support of an initiative to halt enforcement of
the Global Warming Solutions Act until the state’s unemployment
rate falls to 5.5 percent from its current 12.6 percent, the
California Jobs Initiative Committee said in an e-mail. George
Shultz, who was secretary of state in the Reagan administration,
was named today as honorary co-chairman of Californians for Clean
Energy and Jobs, a group that is campaigning to defeat the ballot
initiative. Posted.

Associated Press: Groups Seek To Suspend AB-32. A coalition of
business groups says it has collected nearly double the
signatures needed to qualify a ballot initiative that would
suspend California's global warming law. Jon Coupal, president of
the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, says people do not
support regulations that will cost jobs and impose billions of
dollars in higher energy prices… Environmental groups, utilities
and green technology companies claim the oil companies are
striving to topple California's law and derail climate
legislation in Congress. Posted.

San Jose Mercury News: Opponents Of California Global Warming
Law Turn In Signatures For November Measure. Technology leaders
said Monday they will fight the measure, and expect large Silicon
Valley firms to contribute to efforts to defeat it. "We and our
membership will vigorously oppose efforts by out of state Texas
oil companies to weaken our economy and gut our environmental
laws for their own profit," said Carl Guardino, CEO of the
Silicon Valley Leadership Group, which represents major tech
companies. Among the opponents so far of the measure are Google,
Applied Materials, Solaria, Serious Materials, the Sierra Club
and the League of Women Voters.

Sacramento Bee: Jon Coupal Submits Petitions To Erase
Schwarzenegger's Legacy. Once one of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's
allies, Jon Coupal, head of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers
Association, now is seeking to undo a major part of the
governor's legacy. Coupal submitted signatures to the Sacramento
Registrar of Voters today to qualify an  initiative that would
suspend California's landmark AB 32 signed by Schwarzenegger in
2006 to force reductions in greenhouse gases. Posted.

Appeal Democrat: Signatures Submitted For Measure To Suspend
Climate Bill.Proponents of a state ballot measure to suspend a
California climate bill have submitted voter signatures for
qualification, saying they have nearly twice the number necessary
to do so. One of the chief proponents, Assemblyman Dan Logue
(R-Linda), said he believes the submission means the state is one
step closer to restoring regulatory sanity. "It's a great day,"
said Logue of the formal submission today of his measure, which
would suspend the 2006 legislation, AB 32, until state
unemployment drops to about 5.5 percent for a year. "People will
have a voice on this issue." Posted.

North County Times: Fight Attempts To Stall Greenhouse Gas Law.
The California Air Resources Board has published reports showing
that the state's economy will grow more than if it did not cut
emissions. The Silicon Valley Leadership Group states that
suspending AB 32 "is the wrong thing to do and is actually going
to wind up costing jobs in the long-run." It has now come to
light that the original funding for this ballot initiative came
from two Texas oil companies, Valero and Tesoro. Apparently they
feel that their best financial interests are served by working
with and influencing California politicians and their
constituents to see things their way. Posted.

KPCC: California’s Landmark Global Warming Bill At Risk –
Challenge To AB 32 On November Ballot (Bruce Klafter As Guest).
Opponents of California’s sweeping environmental bill that passed
in 2006 and is scheduled to be phased in between 2012 and 2020,
AB 32, want to rescind the legislation through a measure on the
November ballot, saying the it is a jobs killer and will cost
billions in higher energy costs. To that end, today the
California Jobs Initiative Committee is submitting 800,000
signatures, many more than needed. What are the realities –jobs
gained, jobs lost, billions in cost to the economy, no cost to
the economy? We check in with proponents and opponents to AB 32.

The Union: Logue Initiative Blocking Emission Cutbacks Nears
Ballot. Assemblyman Dan Logue's plan to block a law cutting state
greenhouse gas emissions until the economy rebounds looks likely
to make the November 2 ballot. Monday, members of the California
Jobs Initiative Coalition turned in more than 800,000 signatures
of registered voters to qualify for the late year election. “We
only needed 440,000,” Logue said. “People realize we need to
protect and bring jobs to California. We're going to give working
families of California a break until we recover economically.”

LA Streetsblog: Move To “Delay” California’s Greenhouse Gas Law
Gaining Steam. But does the rhetoric meet the reality?  The Bee
also featured a story this weekend about one of the many green
businesses that are based in California because the state's green
policies guarantees a market over the next couple of years. The
story illustrates how competition for these businesses between
states is fierce.  While California has experienced a Green Jobs
boom in recent years, resulting in 159,000 new jobs, states such
as Ohio are jockeying to have those jobs move east, and out of
the Golden State. Posted.

Legal Planet: The Looming Political Battle Over AB 32 &
California’s Environmental & Economic Future. Initiative
proponents are expected to have gathered and submit the requisite
number of voter signatures needed to qualify the measure for
California’s November ballot. That, in turn, will set off what
promises to be one of the most consequential and fascinating
environmental political battles in recent memory. And one that
will doubtless garner considerable national and international
attention. Posted.

Ballot Measure Blocking Law Cutting Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Likely. A plan to block a law cutting state greenhouse gas
emissions until the economy rebounds looks likely to make the
Nov. 2 ballot. Monday, members of the California Jobs Initiative
Coalition turned in more than 800,000 signatures of registered
voters to qualify — nearly twice the number needed. The
initiative was started by Assemblyman Dan Logue, R-Linda, who
represents Nevada County in the Third Assembly District. “We only
needed 440,000” signatures Logue said. “People realize we need to
protect and bring jobs to California. We're going to give working
families of California a break until we recover economically.”

Initiative Would Suspend Emissions Law. Measure Funded By Oil
Firms Could Be On Ballot. Sacramento - Kicking off what is sure
to be a colossal political battle between the old economy and the
new, proponents of an oil industry-backed initiative turned in
sufficient signatures Monday to force a popular vote this fall on
the fate of California’s landmark law to reduce greenhouse gas
emissions. Assuming enough signatures are valid, the November
ballot initiative would suspend enforcement of AB 32 until
California’s unemployment rate has dropped to 5.5 percent or
lower for four consecutive quarters. Posted.

Business Coalition says it has enough signatures for a ballot
initiative to suspend AB 32. The effort to suspend California’s
climate change law took a step forward Monday when a coalition of
business groups filed signatures for a ballot initiative. If the
initiative qualifies for the November ballot, voters will decide
whether to suspend AB 32 until unemployment drops to 5.5 percent
for a full year. At that time, AB 32 would be restored. Posted.

Battle against California's landmark global warming law heats
up. SAN JOSE — Setting up what is expected to be a
multimillion-dollar political battle between oil companies and
Silicon Valley tech leaders, opponents of California's landmark
global warming law turned in about 800,000 signatures Monday for
a November ballot measure to suspend the law. Posted.

California may vote to freeze landmark climate law. Organizers
of a California ballot measure that would suspend the state's
landmark climate change law, possibly for years, said on Monday
they had enough signatures to qualify it for the November ballot.

Business groups seek to suspend Calif. climate law. SACRAMENTO,
Calif. — A coalition of business groups turned in signature
petitions Monday for a ballot initiative that would unravel Gov.
Arnold Schwarzenegger's top environmental priority. If the
California Jobs Initiative qualifies for the November ballot, as
expected, voters will be asked to consider putting the brakes on
the nation's most far-reaching global warming law. Posted.

Plan Would Delay Calif. Greenhouse Law. SAN FRANCISCO, May 4
(UPI) -- Energy firms are pushing a referendum that would
postpone California's greenhouse gas law until the economy
improves, officials said. The California Jobs Initiative said it
has submitted about 800,000 signatures, nearly twice the 435,000
needed, to put the proposition on the Nov. 2 general election
ballot, reported Tuesday. Posted.

The Buzz: Maldonado v. Colbert. Let the battle begin. As
promised, backers of a measure to stop California's greenhouse
gas reduction law turned in their signatures Monday to put the
question to voters in November. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger left
no doubt that he would, Terminator-like, fight to the end to
protect the centerpiece of his legacy. Posted.

Referendum on Calif. Greenhouse Law Appears Headed For Voters.
SAN FRANCISCO (Legal Newsline)-California voters will likely be
asked in the November general election if the state's greenhouse
gas law should be put on hold for rosier economic times, a
postponement the Democratic frontrunner for attorney general,
Kamala Harris, said Monday would be a colossal mistake. Posted.

Initiative Would Suspend Emissions Law. Sacramento — Kicking off
what is sure to be a colossal political battle between the old
economy and the new, proponents of an oil industry-backed
initiative turned in sufficient signatures Monday to force a
popular vote this fall on the fate of California’s landmark law
to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Posted.


KNTV-TV (NBC-SF): 5:17:14 AM: Brief On Initiative To Suspend AB
32, Reinstatement Once Unemployment Rate Improves. ANCHOR: in
November voters will decide the fate of California's landmark
global warming bill. The chronicle says a group backed by Texas
oil giants, Tercero and Valero energy plans to submit signatures
for an initiative to suspend the bill until California's
unemployment rate improves dramatically. It was signed by
Governor Schwarzenegger in 2006 and will reduce green house gas
emissions by 25% by 2020. Posted.

KCRA-TV (NBC-SAC): 6:19:40 AM: Brief On Initiative To Suspend AB
32, Reinstatement Once Unemployment Rate Improves. ANCHOR: The
leaders behind a push to suspend the landmark anti global warming
bill say today they will submit the signatures they need to get
the plan on to the November ballot. Campaign staff say they have
more than 435,000 signatures to qualify. The plan would suspend
assembly bill 32 until the unemployment rate in the state drops
to about 5.5% for a full year. Posted

KTVU-TV (FOX-SF) 08:48:56 - 8:58:56 AM: Brief On Initiative To
Suspend AB 32.It appears California voters will decide whether
the state should suspend its landmark global warming law. That's
because today a group heavily backed by two Texas oil companies
will submit the needed signatures to get an initially to suspend
it on the ballot. The environmental law mandates that California
reduce greenhouse gas emissions, by the year 2020. Critics say
that law will kill laws and hurt businesses. Supporters say
they've already attracted a half million green jobs to the state.


Study Calls For Cuts In More Potent Greenhouse Gases To Limit
Climate Damage. Cutting dioxide won't be enough to keep the
Earth's climate under the 2-degree-Celsius "guard rail" agreed to
by G-8 nations and endorsed in the Copenhagen Accord, according
to a new study. Researchers at the Scripps Institution of
Oceanography say that the world must also slash emissions of
methane, hydrofluorocarbons and other short-lived -- but potent
-- greenhouse gases. Posted.

U.N. Delegates Hear Pitch For Global Reductions In Waste And
Pollution. United Nations -- Governments yesterday said they will
launch a two-year review of heavy industry -- in particular
mining, chemicals manufacturing and transportation -- in an
effort to advance more "green" resource consumption and economic
activities ahead of the next Earth Summit, slated for 2012 in Rio
de Janeiro. Posted.

States Prepare To Rise To CO2 Challenge As Senate Climate Bill
Collapses. Climate proposals due to be unveiled before the Senate
would strip 23 US states of their power to act on climate change.
The collapse of an energy reform proposal in Congress last week
could return power to north America's historic actors on climate
change: the regions. Posted.

Ice Cap On West Ugandan Mountain Range Splits. Kampala, Uganda -
Ugandan wildlife authorities say the ice cap on the country's
western Rwenzori mountain range has split after extensive melting
caused by global warming. Nelson Guma says ice covering Mount
Margherita, the second highest peak in Africa, has melted forming
a large crevasse some 6 meters (nearly 20 feet) wide. Posted.

Walmart Settles In Waste Suit. San Diego — In what is being
described as a record-breaking environmental settlement, Walmart
has agreed to pay more than $27 million as a result of a lawsuit
filed by state Attorney General Jerry Brown and 19 district
attorneys throughout the state, authorities announced Monday.
“This settlement is historic,” San Diego District Attorney Bonnie
Dumanis said at a news conference Monday. “It is one of the
largest of its type in the United States’ history.” Posted.


Oakland Truckers Caught Up In Red Tape, Finger-Pointing. Oakland
- Red tape. Finger-pointing. Some Port of Oakland truckers are
stuck in the middle of what is becoming a struggle to survive.
About 500 truckers who have failed to meet an April 30 deadline
to have new diesel particulate filters installed on their rigs
were shut out of the Port of Oakland marine terminals Monday.

Bet Placed On Propane Trucks. Big Valley Ford Orders 100 To Be
Converted. Stockton - Big Valley Ford is pumped up on propane.
The Stockton dealership has sold about 30 Ford trucks converted
to use propane and has 70 more in the pipeline. Propane, or
liquefied petroleum gas, became popular as a motor fuel in the
1970s, when oil prices spiked, but its fortunes have risen and
fallen with market prices. Still, many commercial fleets,
especially those operated by propane dealers, favor it. Posted.

Air District Offers Rebates For Electric Ag Vehicles. Farmers
and other agricultural workers can now be compensated for
purchasing electric utility terrain vehicles through rebates
offered by the California Air Resources Board (CARB). Nearly $1
million is being allotted by CARB as part of its Agricultural UTV
Rebate Project to encourage clean air through zero-emission ATVs
and UTVs, where up to $2,500, or 15 percent of the price per
vehicle, may be returned.  Posted.

Renewable Energy: Inexpensive Metal Catalyst Can Effectively
Generate Hydrogen from Water. Hydrogen would command a key role
in future renewable energy technologies, experts agree, if a
relatively cheap, efficient and carbon-neutral means of producing
it can be developed. An important step towards this elusive goal
has been taken by a team of researchers with the U.S. Department
of Energy's (DOE) Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley
Lab) and the University of California, Berkeley. The team has
discovered an inexpensive metal catalyst that can effectively
generate hydrogen gas from water. Posted.


Schwarzenegger attacks ‘greedy oil companies’. Gov. Arnold
Schwarzenegger said Monday he would mount a vigorous defense of
his landmark environmental legislation, vowing to "push back"
against "greedy oil companies who want to keep polluting in our
state." His comments came as supporters of an effort to roll back
AB 32, the global warming legislation Schwarzenegger signed in
2006, announced they had gathered enough signatures to get their
measure on the November ballot. Posted.

Boycott Valero or Blue Shield? In 2006, the Legislature passed
and Governor Schwarzenegger signed AB 32, the Global Warming
Solutions Act of 2006, which set the 2020 greenhouse gas
emissions reduction goal into law. AB32 has been called an
"ambitious, yet controversial, plan to cut carbon dioxide
emissions and promote energy efficiency." The law "aims to
rollback carbon dioxide emissions to 1990 levels by 2020, while
mandating a further eight percent reduction by 2050.” Posted.

800,000 Californians Sign To Put CA's Economy First And Signal
'Welcome Mat' For Manufacturers. The campaign to suspend AB 32's
global warming regulations until California's economy and
unemployment recovers submitted double the signatures needed
today to qualify the "California Jobs Initiative" for the
November ballot. The initiative got more than 800,000 signatures,
far above the 433,971 needed.  The state's citizens understand
that implementing AB 32 at the right time in the right way is not
an anti-environment position. Posted.

Move to “Delay” California’s Greenhouse Gas Law Gains Steam.
Gov. Pushes Back. Proponents of clean energy and environmental
laws designed to reduce the amount of Greenhouse Gases from being
dumped into the air had best not take lightly the challenge to
A.B. 32, the California State Law mandating changes that would
reduce the state's emissions to 1990 levels by 2020. Posted.

Why Isn't Obama Talking About Climate Change? I've been thinking
a lot about David Roberts's argument that the administration's
response to the Deepwater oil spill shows it's not committed to
pushing energy legislation this year. "If he was looking for an
opportunity to drive home the clean energy message, this was it,"
Roberts writes. "The Katrina of fossil fuels. Yet all he's done
is blandly reaffirm his support for offshore drilling. Posted.

Schwarzenegger Vetoes Beach Smoking Ban. Gov. Arnold
Schwarzenegger on Monday vetoed a measure that would have banned
smoking in state parks and beaches, calling it "an improper
intrusion of government into people’s lives.’’ Schwarzenegger,
whose own cigar-smoking habit led him to build a smoking tent
next to the state Capitol building, said the most far-reaching
regulations of tobacco in the nation went too far and that rules
should be left up to local cities and counties. Posted.

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