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Brian Sussman's "Climategate" now availble. Order yours today!

Climate GateProduct Description

Those now notorious intercepted emails documenting leading scientists conspiring to squelch global-warming skeptics and falsifying data proved exactly what Brian Sussman has been saying for years.

Climategate is intended for anyone who has ever expressed skepticism about the clamorous environmentalist claims that the Earth is in peril because of mankind's appetite for carbon-based fuels.

By tracing the origins of the current climate scare, Sussman guides the reader from the diabolical minds of Marx and Engles in the 1800s, to the global governance machinations of the United Nations today. Climategate is a call to action, warning Americans that their future is being undermined by a phony pseudo-science aimed at altering and dominating every aspect of life in the United States and the world.

About the Author

Sussman was the San Fran Bay Area's most celebrated television science reporter and meteorologist for 20 years. He founded Brian's Kids, an adoption advocacy organization that placed 400 kids in permanent homes by showing them on TV. In 2001, he went to KSFO-AM and achieved huge ratings success with his program, Right Thinking from the Left Coast

 Customer Reviews

Finally, a highly-trained professional meteorologist discloses the truth about the fraud that is man-made global warming.

Mr. Sussman names names and uncovers the vile deceptiveness that has both "educated" our children and provided a huge moneymaker for Gore, Obama and others who will profit from this hoax.

A must read. I'm buying several copies for presents.

Denver "grampa competitor" -- Dallas

Sussman provides many very good, but also very quick 'snapshots' of the entire movie it would take to fully understand the scientific, economic, political, moral, etc. problems with the bases for harmful AGW. He highlights the fact he's won several awards for being a good TV personality, but doesn't make the fact he has a meteorology degree well known (I read this on a third party website). A lot of readers may not appreciate the fact that he goes into into a fair amount of history, political philosophy, and even a touch of theology in the first chapter. But, I do admit I was glad I read that portion thoroughly, since it does provide the reader with a more solid background/foundation on which to understand why he believes/says what he does.

Sussman is not afraid of letting you know what he thinks about certain people and ideas. Most of the time, this makes for good reading. On occasion, though, he could've toned things down a little (like calling Karl Marx a bast****). The text is well referenced, but there are the occasional exaggerations (300 mph jet streams? - rare, at best) and instances when more/better documentation would've been great - especially when he references his own interviews and refers to the climategate emails. Sussman is clearly writing about a topic he holds to be important, and it is this fervor which makes this book good. As much of the book is about his personal experiences (challenges, perhaps), he's encountered in both his professional and personal life since he's officially become a 'denier.' Very little of the science presented in this book was 'new' for me; that will be true for you as well, if you keep up to date on the topic. If you're looking for a peek into the makings of climategate and care about scientific integrity & ethics, however, this will be an excellent read. Enjoy.