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Goldstene Letter to Dr. Young: Science Not In Question

James Goldstene, CARB's Executive Director sent the following letter to Dr. Stan Young, Ph.D. (click to download the letter).
In his letter Goldstene expresses that the ONLY issue with the Tran report was Tran - the report, the science, the methodology was fine.  Not sure how the lead author could commit fraud and his report could still not somehow be tainted but that is what the letter seems to express.
If you disagree with the letter, you may email James Goldstene at or call him (916) 322-4204  Here is a link to others at CARB with contact information
The feeling is that the new report, which was ordered by the Board, will be the same report (based on Goldstene's letter) but with a new name to sign it.  This does not take into account the already submitted 148 pages of critical scientific comments on the original report - view comments at One of the issues scientists with real Ph.D's had with the last report is that the original report and the final report were essentially the same although public peer review provided 148 pages of comments critical of the methodology, the science and the data.
Also, if the science is so settled then why is CARB having a special meeting tomorrow in Sacramento to allow scientists to vet both sides of the science?  Is this just a game?

Here is the original letter sent to Dr. Young by Linda Adams