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Bob Chandler, Candidate for Assembly district 24, on CARB, AB32 and California Economy

Bob Chandler's web page is at:

Last night I attended a debate between two very articulate and qualified conservative candidates, Kevin Gordon and Don Barich. These men are running to unseat Mike Honda in the 15th Congressional District.

Each brought out many good points about where our country is heading, and how important it is to bring sanity back to the Federal Government. While it is true, we do need to energize the conservatives in our country, our state, and our counties, we cannot forget the State. You have all heard the saying, as goes California, so goes the Nation, as goes the Nation, so goes the World! This has never been more true than right now. California is leading the way to disaster.

Spending – California has a $20 Billion deficit, dropping credit rating, and out of control employee costs.

Unemployment – The recent drop in unemployment numbers across the nation is being hailed by the Democrats as proof that they are on the right track. If take a much closer look at the numbers, you will see that many of the people who are no longer getting unemployment checks are doing so not because they are now employed, but because their unemployment terms ran out. They no longer qualify for unemployment, so therefore they must not be unemployed, or so the government is claiming.

Environmental issues – The United Nations has recognized that much of the “science” behind the “fact” of global warming has been a deliberate fraud, and has backed down on pushing the Kyoto Agreement and the Copenhagen Accord is dead. The Federal Government is still drinking the Al Gore Cool-aide and pushing for the Cap and Trade regulations which will further cripple our economies and drive even more jobs away. What about California? Have you heard of a thing called AB32? Your representatives in the State have already approved the Kyoto Agreement, and your Governor has signed it into law.

What effect is it having? Here is a comment I received from a Trucker friend of mine:
“This truck is my home. My entire life takes place inside this cab. I can't go to the movies, or out to dinner at a nice restaurant because they don't have parking for trucks. I don't get to watch the Super Bowl, and I definitely don't get to watch weekly episodes of CSI or any other TV show. By not allowing idling, CA is taking away a basic necessity. Heat (Or cold in the summer).

If you look around at home or at work, everything you see was delivered to the store you purchased it at by a truck. All the food and toilet paper at the grocery store. Your couch and chairs. The lawn mower in the garage, and all of the materials that built the house were at some point on a truck.
Every time CA makes it harder to do business, prices go up. Restrict trucking enough, and drivers will refuse (already are refusing) to run in CA.
CA is also a very large agricultural exporter. Shipping farm products by truck is a large part of what keeps the CA economy going. So tighter restrictions hurt the economy on both import and export sides.”

If we let the California Air Resources Board (CARB) continue to dismantle California, we won’t have a California. Take a look at the CARB “Heath Effects Fact Sheet” found on their web site - This propaganda is being perpetrated upon us with the full glamour and authority of the government. These are “Facts” – right? Who developed the “facts”? Who did the “science” behind the “facts”? Dr. Hien T. Tran – PHD from UC Davis. Oh, that’s right, he’s not really a Doctor, and he never got any degree from UC Davis. When CARB found this out, did they fire him and repeal the regulations and propaganda that was entirely based upon his “research”? I don’t think so…. They did give him a “Notice of Adverse Action” – suspending him from April until June 19!

In the notice CARB accuses him of “Fraud, Dishonesty, and failure of good behavior outside of duty hours”. They further go on to document the perjury he committed, and explicitly explain the fraud he committed against the State. This is a VERY well documentation of the FACT that CARB knew about the fraud well before they passed the regulations on Air Particulates that are doing so much damage to California, and yet they STILL passed the regulation, and to this day, they STILL enforce it, encourage it, and treat it as if it were true!

  • What happened to Dr. Tran? Suspension for 3 months. What happened to hundreds of bus companies, small trucking firms, small businesses that can’t afford to meet the new regulations – out of business.
  • What happened to the board members who willfully took action to destroy the economy of California? NOTHING!
  • What is Jim Beall doing to ensure this injustice is rectified? NOTHING!

How much longer are you going to sit back and allow these people to get away with fraud, sabotage, and treason before you rise up and say enough is enough!

Please, join me, and help me in my bid to unseat Jim Beall from the 24th District of the California State Assembly. Let’s get somebody into office who is not afraid of CARB and can put California on a “Low CARB” diet!

If you want a copy of the Notice of Adverse Action, please e-mail me or visit

Posted by Robert Chandler, 10:29 AM, Permalink