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Assembly Democrats Use Automated Form Reply to Blow-off Constituents

A reader of this site sent e-mail to the following Natural Resources Committee Assembly members asking them to vote yes on Dan Logue's ab118.  He got replies quickly from the highlighted members in the list--all automated and all saying nothing. Obviously they paid no attention as the bill failed in the committee.  Note that two of the members who did not respond with an automated reply voted YES. The other, Brownley voted NO along with the rest of them.

Nancy Skinner - Chair  Dem-14
(916) 319-2014
916-319-2114 fax
Danny D. Gilmore - Vice Chair  Rep-30
(916) 319-2030
916-319-2131 fax
Julia Brownley  Dem-41
(916) 319-2041
916-319-2141 fax
Wesley Chesbro  Dem-1
(916) 319-2001
916-319-2101 fax
Kevin de Leon  Dem-45
(916) 319-2045
916-319-2145 fax
Jerry Hill  Dem-19
(916) 319-2019
916-319-2119 fax
Jared Huffman  Dem-6
(916) 319-2006
916-319-2106 fax
Steve Knight  Rep-36
(916) 319-2036
916-319-2136 fax

Nancy Skinner

Wesley Chesbro

Kevin de Leon

Jerry Hill

Jared Huffman