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Ken Yeager: Saviour of the Planet

Ken Yeager has a mission. He is going to save the planet.  Put aside the fact that the planet does not need saving and even if it did, nothing that this arrogant fool does will change the effect that the sun has on the natural heating and cooling cycles of the Earth.  But Ken wants you out of your car as seen in the first video clip as he pushes the merits of "Bike to Work Day"--and if he has his way, it won't just be one day either.  Ken believes that he is is one of the elite, whom we should all follow.

Is it any wonder he does not want to suspend the Heavy Duty Truck and Bus Regulation simply because it is based on a report by Hien Tran the CARB fraud who lied about his qualifications to make such a report?  Oh no, it would be confusing to suspend the rule, he says in video clip two. Confusing to whom Ken? All the unwashed masses out there working for a living? All those unenlightened people who don't get paid by tax dollars like you do? The truth is Ken's agenda is to get us out of our cars and trucks even if it means scarring you into believing that the Earth is in danger.  Do we really need trucks when a bicycle can do the job?