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Mary Nichols Apologizes for her Role in the Hien Tran Cover up

Mary is really sorry for her lack of judgment but has a good excuse in the first video: She just knew Hien Tran got it right even if he lied about having a PHD and was the lead author in the report upon which the Truck and Bus rule was based.  She tells us that Hien's role in the report was minor. She also accuses some Board Members of "Wild and unjustified claims" But wait, in the second video, Dr. John Telles reads from the report and shows that the majority of the report was done by Tran. Supervisor Ron Roberts has a few thoughts of his own in the third video clip as he takes exceptions to the "Wild and unjustified" accusation leveled by Nichols.  Much later at the same meeting, staffer Mike Scheible tells the board not to worry because they did not base their rule on the Tran's report. Ron Roberts scolds the staffer, telling him that he (Scheible) and staff "is missing the point". That is seen in the clip four.

Dr. Telles responds.....

Ron Roberts' response to Mary.....

Ron Roberts scolds staffer Mike Schieble....