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John Balmes: Climate Fear Monger


Member of the California Air Resources Board

While it is true that John Balmes did the right thing by moving for a redo of the Hien Tran report at the December 9, 2009 meeting of the California Air Resources Board, he believes and promotes the Global Warming lie.  In the video below he talks of how the increasing temperatures in California because of global warming, will make effects of particulate matter even worse in the coming years. Is it any wonder that he does not support a suspension of the Heavy Truck Rule? Hien Tran hand crafted a report that agrees with his preconceived notions.  He believes as he stated, that a new report will say the same thing as does the now discredited report upon which the rules were based. Of course it will if the same bad data used by Tran is used in the new report.

Here is John Balmes promoting his fear

John Balmes at the meeting apologizing for his cover up of the Hien Tran fraud and his failure to share the information with the rest of the Board. His reasoning is that he 'feels' that the science stands on its own. Like so many air headed idealists, John Balmes has replaced 'thinking' with 'feeling'. He wants the new report to cover the Board's collective behind in the face of the scandal.

Finally John Balmes makes the motion for the a report but for no suspension of the rule while the report is made. This comes after hearing from so many who will be damaged once these rules are enforced.