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Matt Kokkonen Candidate for Assembly weighs in on CARB


Mr. Kokkonen, What are you feelings towards carb. As you may know they regulate emissions here in CA, they are not an elected body but appointed and they seem to do what ever they want to, the last several years they have been wreaking havoc on small and large trucking and construction company's, by mandating that by 2014 virtually any truck older than 1994 will no longer be able to get a license form dmv, and that many pieces of construction equipment can no longer work in this great state of California, forcing many company's and people to go out of business because the price of new equipment is cost prohibitive at this point.  But they are forcing trucking to install expensive scrubbing filters that are in the 10,000 dollar range just to extend your usage until 2014, right now truck manufactures are having problems with the electronic burn off filters that are being installed on new trucks, they don't work, at this time in my area the local truck repair service has three new trucks in its shop because the burn filters don't function. I have a very good friend at a large truck dealer in Southern Ca that says sometimes a new truck just gets 2 blocks away from the dealership and quits,no one is giving loaner trucks while someone's is in the shop, trucks generally run in the price range 130 to 180,000 dollars and could be in for repairs for up to two weeks if the problem is hard to diagnose.

Also what has come to light in the last few months is that one of the people hired by the carb board has admitted to not having a PHD from where he said he got it,he lied, he didn't have one at all, so Hy Tran bought one at a diploma mill and tried to pass that off as legit. His boss Mary Nichols has tried to sweep this all under the carpet, claiming his report may be flawed but the science is ok, we the people that have to pay for this mistakes do not think the science is ok, in fact we think that most of the science is bunk, collage graduates, phony PHD's and computer models do not have a grip on reality. In closing we want to know where and how you will stand on this, carb needs to be controlled and many things need to be looked at, poor science is not good science. Also as you know Meg Whitman is running for Governor and she has stated that carb needs an overhaul and that it is killing Ca's bussiness. There is a web site called that has been put together to band the working folks together to put Ca. on a NO CARB Diet, I'll be posting this letter and your reply there.

Thankyou for your time

Aaron Bento

Re: Ca Air Resorces Board
From:   Matt Kokkonen For Assembly <>
Date:   Sun, Dec 13, 2009 7:25 pm

Your concerns are legitimate. The recently passed CARB regulations are flawed in their scope and consequences. Implementing the regulations will kill the trucking industry and with it huge parts of our state economy, such as agriculture, construction and manufacturing - whatever is left of it.

Paradoxically, diesel engines offer better gas mileage than other internal combustion engines, thereby improving air quality already. I own a diesel pick-up truck. Our state economy is already severely depressed. We cannot afford these regulations. They must be withdrawn, not only postponed.

I am very concerned about the actual methods used by the climatologists who report man-caused "global warming". The National Weather Service has issued standards that are supposed to be used by the various reporting stations on their temperature readings. Among others requirements, they require the monitoring devices to be 100 feet away from concrete pads, tall vegetation, paved streets and other items that would increase the readings. Yet the majority of these 1200 reporting stations fail to comply with these elementary rules. In stead, the readings are consistently elevated! I plan to issue a report on what I observed and found out on two of these stations within a week. Stay tuned. Thanks for your interest.

Matt Kokkonen