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Essay By Dr. Bill Wattenburg

Dr. Willard H. (Bill) Wattenburg is a senior research scientist at the Research Foundation, California State University, Chico; and a scientific consultant for the University of California Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and many other institutions. He is a former nuclear weapons designer at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory; a former member of the US Air Force Scientific Advisory Board; and a former UC Berkeley professor of electrical engineering.  He was co-founder of Berkeley Scientific Laboratories with Dr. Donald Glaser (Nobel Prize, Physics, 1960). He is also the host of the very popular radio talk show,  “The Open Line to the West Coast,” KGO Radio AM810, ABC Network, San Francisco (six hours per week since 1972, Saturday and Sunday nights 10pm to 1am).  This is the most listened to night-time radio talk show in eleven western states in that time slot. 

He can be contacted at  the ABC West Coast Broadcast Center  415-954-8607 or by email

The Biggest Professional Liars are on the Californiastate payroll. They are called CARB. Your state legislators are approving it. You, the victims, are being forced to pay the high salaries of these frauds while 8000 teachers were fired because your legislators gave CARB a billion dollars behind your back. Even the state attorney general turns his back on the biggest frauds against the working people.
By Bill Wattenburg, KGO Radio
September 28, 2009
Read how Mary Nichols, head of CARB, the so-called California Air Resources Board, brags about fining businesses in California while covering up the past and present criminal behavior of the CARB agency. This is exactly like the Mafia bragging about its extortion of businesses in areas that government police forces can not or will not protect the citizens.

The real culprits are the legislators you elected in Sacramento.    They approved everything. They can cancel any action by any state agency or bureaucracy. They can cancel the budget of any agency that is hurting the environment and/or the economy.   There is no excuse whatsoever for them to allow CARB to tax and regulate people and businesses just to justify the $100,000 per year jobs of the CARB bureaucratic frauds on the state payroll – while two million California workers are out of work, no income at all for their families.

You must find the names of the state assembly person and the state senator who represents you in your home area.   These politicians count on the fact that most people do not remember their names. That way, they can ignore you after they get to their plush offices in Sacramento -- with a free car and credit card and a million dollar a year staff, all paid for by you taxpayers who are forgotten.    The legislators who turn their backs on you spend their time with big money lobbyists and state bureaucracies that promise to put the legislators’ friends on the agency payrolls and help the politicians get re-elected.

Once you have their names, you must put up some signs that tell them what they must do to represent you. You must tell them that they lied to you when they promised to protect you and your interests after they got your vote.    Simple signs like the following will get their attention:
Assemblyman Smith,   you got our vote.    Then you lied to us.  
You gave CARB a billion dollars behind our backs -- and then you fired 8000 teachers.
CARB is a fraud and so are you unless you kill that agency and rehire our teachers.

Put the name of your state senator in the next sign.   Put these signs on your front lawn, in the window, on telephone poles and fences, in bumper stickers. Remember how the politicians put up their signs to get your vote at election time. You must do the same to let the public see their names again.

Go to the representative locater at and  put in your zip code to find your local legislators and their addresses.    There you can also see the documented history of the fraud agency CARB.

Remember, the politicians fear these public signs more than anything.   They never   expect the general public to see and remember their names on signs with something negative for which they are responsible. They never expect you to hold them responsible for anything after they get your vote.   Try it, you’ll like it.   You have every right to put up a sign on your property or car anytime you want.   Even a simple handwritten one is very effective.

The politicians are running scared already because thousands of truckers in the state are putting signs like this on their trucks for all to see, every day.    Some legislators are already telling CARB to delay their criminal regulations on diesel engines that will cost the state at least 25 billion dollars -- total waste --- and another million jobs.    But delay is not enough. They must kill this fraud agency once and for all. They must return the billion dollars wasted every year to the state education system and rehire the 8000 teachers who were fired for lack of the money that your deceiving politicians gave the cancerous CARB agency and their cesspool of environmental frauds.

Background on CARB:

Here are the biggest official liars on the state payroll.   The CARB main mouthpiece, lawyer Mary Nichols, says that owners of cars and trucks are the biggest polluters.   No,   she and CARB are covering up the biggest polluters in the state and the country.    These are the fossil fuel power plants that spew out more than a 100 million tons of CO2 into the atmosphere each year.   And the amount is growing each year as the state must generate or buy more filthy coal and     natural gas power each year to keep up with the growing population.    She and the other enviro-frauds with power in the state (the Green Gestapo) do not want to reduce – or even mention -- the power plant pollution.   So, they concentrate on punishing the sheep, the ten million working folks who must commute to work and the trucking industry that sustains our economy.

Look at the fines that CARB brags about and imposes on people. Not a one is against a filthy power plant spewing out 3 to 8 million tons of pollution and   CO2 into the air each year. And there are over 40 of these plants running at any time.   They will not touch the big power companies that send millions in campaign contributions to the politicians in Sacramento -- the legislators that promised to protect the working people before they were elected to office and given a free ride at taxpayer expense.   The legislators turn their backs on the people and let the 1000 or more CARB bureaucrats collect whatever money they want to pay their salaries.    All in the name of protecting the environment.

Keep in mind that these same CARB frauds,   attorney Mary Nichols in particular, created the biggest pollution of the state for over ten years when they stupidly put the untested MTBE additive in the gasoline and forced the working people of California to pay over 20 billion dollars extra to poison themselves from 1996 to   2004. The California EPA became the California Environmental Pollution Agency.

Stupid CARB regulations like the MTBE that do nothing for the environment are the reason you pay   $0.50 a gallon more for gasoline in California than the national average.   Most CARB regulations only collect money to pay the salaries of the CARB frauds on the state payroll.

Where is the Attorney General of California?   He is supposed to protect the citizens and prosecute polluters.   He knows that a state agency just across the street committed the biggest crime against the environment in California in history, the MTBE poisoning of the state and ground water you are drinking.   But he does not even investigate the very real possibility that they, CARB, are again defrauding the public that he is sworn to protect.    Instead, the Attorney General brags that he is using his hundreds of lawyers on the state payroll to prosecute the little guys, small businesses and individuals who contribute less that 1% of what CARB calls pollution.

It seems that everyone but the Attorney General knows that a so-called top scientist on the CARB staff is a fraud. He did not get a PhD from UC Davis. He bought his degree from a mail order house.    He is the one who justified the disastrous regulations against diesel engines and trucks in the state.   Top scientists say he is wrong. There is no proven or even significant danger from diesel engine exhaust compared to many other much bigger sources of pollution that CARB refuses to acknowledge.   But CARB is steaming ahead with their diesel engine regulations that will cripple the economy of California -- just as CARB persisted with the MTBE in the gasoline for ten years in spite of warnings from good scientists that MTBE was itself a major pollutant and a poison.